Firehouse Chefs Food Truck:
Bringing Firehouse Eats to the Streets

Live in the Southern California area and interested in enjoying Firehouse Chefs spices & cooking - in person?

Firehouse Chefs Food Truck & VanYou've heard that firefighters are good cooks, but have you also heard that today's fire service is rich with cultural diversity which has introduced a whole new world of taste into the firehouse kitchens of America?

Fire Captain & Chef Eddie Sell has taken these exciting changes and created Firehouse Fusion Food, imparting these flavors into delicious gourmet street food that is hitting Southern California streets in March of 2012! The FHC Food Truck will offer a variety of signature sandwiches, crisp & tasty salads, comfort finger foods & a Firehouse Chefs Special that will be inspired from our FHC Team.

Additionally, if you enjoy the spices that Eddie & his team of Firehouse Chefs use in their delicious cooking, you can buy them - either right then & there from the truck, or later from the Firehouse Chefs Spice Store! For detailed spices info, please visit the Firehouse Chefs Spice Store.

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For all food truck inquiries, please contact us at [email protected].

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