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Maybe you've heard that firefighters can cook. Now you will meet and cook along with America's best Firehouse Chefs. Come on board with Fire Captain / paramedic Eddie Sell, who along with his 17 years experience as a firefighter, went to culinary school in the U.S. Navy and served as personal chef to an Admiral.

Now Eddie is traveling the country to showcase the cooking talents of America's firefighters, seeing if they can handle the heat in the kitchen as well as they handle the daily heat of their profession.

Firehouse Chefs will take you on a weekly ride to one of America's many Firehouse kitchens, where you will learn original and delicious recipes that can be prepared in a timely manner and on a budget or else!

Visit the actual fire stations that these brave ones call home, where they eat, sleep, and work. Get a sneak peak at everyday family life within the firehouse. Firehouse Chefs captures the spirit of the fire service by showing the humor, compassion, commitment and drama that these American heroes share both before and after the alarm goes off.

For a half an hour each week, Eddie will deliver a different genuine firehouse specialty from around the country. In the show's pilot episode, Eddie offers his savory original recipe for a quick and tasty firehouse favorite: blackened chicken fajitas, with a cilantro-lime marinade served with rice and beans. During the show he shows you the meal selection and shopping process plus the meal preparation, then joins real on-duty firefighters to enjoy the meal.

Stay tuned for a fun-filled ride when we Eddie hits the road to explore new locations and recipes from more great Firehouse Chefs. Watch real heroes show us that when your life is on the line any meal can be your last. Welcome to Firehouse Chefs!

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